Shilpi Raj MMS row: After Bhojpuri singer’s private video gets leaked, netizens compare her to Riya Sen’s old ‘controversial’ clip

Shilpi Raj MMS row Shilpi raj mms compared to riya sen video clip Be it secret affairs, off-screen spats between actors, or leaked MMS, showbiz has always been under scrutiny for its controversial and sad reality. For the past several days, famous Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj has been in the news for her leaked MMS. This incident has left the entire Bhojpuri industry shocked and stunned.Shilpi raj mms compared to riya sen video clip

Referring to her MMS, several netizens are now comparing the singer to the Bengali beauty actress Riya Sen, whose career got severely impacted owing to a leaked MMS with actor Ashmit Patel. Netizens are now suggesting thatShilpi’s career will also be getting ruined similarly. Notably, back in 2007, actor Ashmit Patel who was making headlines for his stint in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 4, was reportedly dating actress Riya Sen.Shilpi Raj MMS row.

But controversy erupted when their private video got leaked online, in which both were seen in a compromising position. However, despite their face being clearly visible, both, while questioning the authenticity of the leaked video, said that it is nothing but a morphed video. There were also reports that Ashmit had intentionally leaked the video online for mere publicity to promote his and Riya’s film ‘Silsiley’.

But, after that MMS incident, Riya’s acting career got damaged as she failed to cement her place in the industry. Meanwhile,coming back to Shilpi Raj, her video started making rounds on social media a few days back. The video featured her and her boyfriend in an objectionable position. As soon as the video clip hit the internet, it went viral. However, in a conversation with a news portal, the singer opened up on the leaked video and said, ‘Anyone who must have watched this video with even a little bit of attention will understand whether this dirty video is mine or not. People watched this video and called me very bad. But no one saw the plight of that girl in the video with whom two boys are covering their faces and forcing him to do this work. No one tried to see the truth that it is me or some other girl similar to me in the video.’ Shilpi has also urged netizens to delete the video and not to reshare it on social media.