Poonam Pandey’s hubby Sam Bombay Hits Back: My wife has all the qualities but loyalty ……

Poonam Pandey's hubby Sam Bombay Hits Back: My wife has all the qualities but loyalty ......

Poonam Pandey

 has now levied her share of allegations against her estranged husband

Sam Bombay

 in the Ekta Kapoor-MX Player’s ‘

Lock Upp

‘ show which she’s currently doing. These allegations may be far from over, but ETimes TV spoke to Sam on video for his side of the story. “Till date, I haven’t spoken about whatever has been happening with me for 4 years. This is the first time I am speaking out,” he began

Excerpts from the conversation that followed:

Your wife Poonam Pandey is in the ‘Lock Upp’ show…

Not worried at all. Our marriage has been beautiful and I remember only those things. Sometimes, it is just that 10 per cent is not good in a relationship. Unfortunately, everyone wants to focus on that imperfect 10 per cent. I took the saat pheras with her seriously. Whatever Poonam is saying, it’s sad, unnecessary and useless. She makes news out of nothing because she loves to be in the news

But she had spoken much before the show that she underwent

domestic violence


Let me ask you what is domestic violence (DV). Is it physical, verbal, emotional, psychological or mental? There are too many things here. Millions of men are suffering and they have no way to get out of this. A woman makes one call and the police will grab the man and put him in custody. But I have to go to the cops 20 times and yet they won’t do anything. What else can I say?

Are you saying that Poonam made a false complaint of DV against you and it was believed?


Let me tell you that she charged me with molestation and sexual assault on our honeymoon. And, this happened within a week of our marriage. An FIR was lodged. A few days later, she called me back and said that molestation is a big word and she had no idea what molestation is. It is beyond my comprehension how one can be charged with molestation on his honeymoon. Later, she took back the charge. As I said, nobody will believe the man; whatever he says doesn’t matter.