Tehseen Poonawalla reveals he slept with the wife of India’s top industrialist, disclosed their names

Saisha ShindeSharing his secret, Tehseen said, “Bharat ke ek top industrialist ne mujhe ek offer di thi ki mein unki patni ke saath soun. Aur uske liye unhone mera pura nightclub weekend ke liye book kiya tha..Saturday and Sunday night ke liye. Aur unki shart yeh thi ki jab mein unke patni ke saath sounga woh usse dekhna chahte hain. (India’s top most industrialist offered me to sleep with his wife. For that, he booked my entire nightclub for Saturday and Sunday. His condition was that he wanted to see me sleeping with his wife).”

Kangana asked him if he did it and enjoyed it. To this, Tehseen replied, “I did it. I absolutely enjoyed it. He was at a distance. He was only watching. My only condition was he will not touch or intervene. It wasn’t threesome. He’d only watch at a distance. He had certain fantasies which his wife and I played out for him. I don’t mind even sharing that because there’s nothing wrong. He wanted me to treat his wife like my property and he wanted to watch and enjoy the experience. I didn’t care about it.”

Kangana further asked if his wife knew about it. Tehseen told her that she did. He added that this was before marriage and one of the first things he told his wife when they started dating. He said he didn’t regret it one bit.

Even Saisha was asked to reveal a secret. She shared that she was molested at the age of 10 by someone from her family who was only a few years older than her. She said she didn’t confront him as she was too young and confused to know if it was pleasurable or not, or if she had given him hints to molest her. She was clear she wouldn’t name him as it was an internal matter.