‘Is Se Bada Chahiye Shayad’ Swara Bhasker Trolls ‘Macho Man’ Who Cracked Crass Non-Veg Joke

The outspoken Bollywood actress has time and again boldly stood her ground against an armada of faceless trolls that have thrown everything ranging from unsolicited comments to abusive and sexist remarks.Most recently,Swara served a befitting reply to a ‘macho man’ who thought he could get away with unnecessary commentary on her.

It all started with a photo that Swara had shared, in which she can be seen holding a Dyson hair curler.The post, which was in all likelihood intended as a promotional post for the product, attracted several filthy-minded individuals.

Alluding to the product’s supposedly phallic shape, a user retweeted her photo with a tasteless caption that read, “Is se bada chahiye shayad…”Not one to shy away from going toe-to-toe with such miscreants, Swara’s reply just shows that the actress is a veteran in the art of online jousting.

She wrote, “Trying to troll me but really trolling all Indian men 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aur handle hai ‘Macho Man’ 🤣🤣🤣 #selfgoal”Swara’s response had her fans lauding her wit. As one wrote, “These trolls need training to avoid self goal,”Another commented, “😄😂😂😂, I am an Indian man and you hit below the belt. 🙄😂😂”

This user shared his observation, “If someone has to say they are macho then you know they aren’t and have a small”This user expressed his grievance, “Sigh – why do these guys make the rest of us look this bad 😑. And to be humiliated so publicly.”Another wrote, “Maybe this guy was just to shy to accept his reality”

Hopefully, the guy must have learned the lesson that karma can come back and bite you in the blink of an eye. So, it’s better not to tempt fate and make a mockery of yourself online.Needless to say,Swara’s sharp tongue has claimed many a scalp. And this latest one wasn’t the first, and unfortunately won’t be the last individual to pass such unnecessarily sexist and completely unsolicited commentary on a woman.