From funny clips to videos that show off unique talents, hundreds of pieces of content go viral on the internet. Oftentimes, it also ends up making common people social media stars overnight. A girl hailing from Pakistan witnessed a similar fate after one of her dancing videos went viral.


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Not only in Pakistan, but the girl names Ayesha gained immense popularity in India. She danced to a remix version of a 1954 song by Lata Mangeshkar titled Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja. From the catchy beats to her hypnotic dance, users were instantly drawn to Ayesha. Working her magic again, Ayesha has gone viral for the second time for her dance.

This time, she chose Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi by Shazia Manzoor to dance on the sets of Good Morning Pakistan on Karachi-based TV station ARY Digital. Interestingly, Ayesha wore the same green outfit for the dance. Like her previous video, this video also made rounds on the internet.

After 'Mera Dil Ye Pukaare', Pakistani Girl Breaks Internet Again With ‘Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi' Dance

Indian users are especially pouring in love for her for appreciating old Bollywood songs. On the other hand, since her viral video, Ayesha’s followers rapidly grew. She now enjoys a following of over 500k on Instagram.